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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 7:45am-9:00am EST

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1,lp=etv%',tt=41505000,lo=511:76][co:ta=001f8fbf][54f0] just over $3 a piece. >>guest: every woman loves a new perfume >>host: just under a half an ounce, your valuable is $150, you think of the it is $65 for (...) one point seven nil oz. 1.7 oz. bit of an idea, yours today, a great value, you do not make a choice. now we start choicesixth sense.with sixth sense.
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>>guest: this has real human pheromones. we have isolated human pheromones that we would like to work with you. the documentation we said we needed to work on the fragrance. this really stimulates your sixth sense we know we need to stop at the gas station to ask for directions this fragrance stimulates more. it will give you the inner confidence. >>host: and then we have pheromone breeze. >>guest: it has all of these blue. we discovered blue flowers, blue notes added so much sparkle.
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>>host: and that does have pink grapefruit, there is white jasmine you have lindenlex payments of $16.65. >>guest: if you wanted to do five of these. >>host: keep a couple which are your favorites. more women buy this for themselves >>guest: it is great edible ingredients it contains ingredients we use for the gods. this has your edible ingredients, >>host: cloves and nutmeg spree. both are
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aphrodisiacs. >>host: no everybody loves my pumpkin pie. and now we f fo-ti-tieng. >>guest: oils 6 c13 ancient papyrus one of them is fo-ti- tieng. --there are 7 oils (...)and kathy wolf likes this bast it is the sexual stimulant. -- best.she knew exactly what she was
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talking about so fo- ti-tieng is there. >>host: and then we have celebrate. >>guest: i had it celebrate about one year it has ingredients we know people around the world use for celebrations. >>guest: each of these flowers celebrate wonderful events. it will allow you to begin to celebrate celebrate life and all of its experiences. it is light and frisky. >>guest: how nice to have these. even if you give a gift card think about your your granddaughters pre lit. put this with the
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gift card for $3 and trade. it is like a christmas card you put the kid became on. candy cane the >>guest: this is more precious than gold >>host: pheromone with gold added in. >>guest: with gold being as expensive as it is, this3 the world's most precious perfume and it is more regal than gold print. it
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>>host: amber is that usually offered and fragrances. >>guest: amber is a prehistoric minerale from the earth. >>guest: and we promise these will and folk a response. >>guest: the this is the fragrance with no top note destiny. reily gentle and subtle. it is really sincere in light. >>host: and destiny blue.
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>>host: i can be more playful and fun. (...) if >>host: what is the secret? >>guest: it is my secret i do not talk about this at all. it is going to be a secret. that is how i positioned it. wish for you some wonderful secrets when you wear a secret. >>host: pheromone musk. >>guest: the hot fragranced 20 years agolling to
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their knees. musk it is the hot sudsy ingredient wide that combined pheromone mus and we got a while fragranced gibbons'. musk leaves an afterthought >>host: that we have magic nights. >>guest: magic is a wonderful for but the magic dates is the updated version of magic. you do in that need a conversation magic is a wonderful fragrance about magic nights is the updated version.
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>>host: you know this entire trail of fragrance all that is missing this book to teaching. --tray of fragrance. >>host: then we have a bomb shell. daughter loves bombshell. hello to barbara for missouri thank you for shopping with us.i understand you got the figures collection. will you keep this for yourself? >>caller: i will
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keep this all for myself for an several over the years. now i can try all of them it. >>guest: it will invoke it interesting kind of experience and thought. >>caller: it is my one christmas gift to myself. >>host: uld all it >>guest: we should all enjoy this and experience this. >>caller: i have been happy with everything i have tried from you. >>guest: thank you very much. gift to you for the holidays. >>host: i understand you have the fo-ti- tieng gang. i had to blame the bottle for that. --the model
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for that. deborah d we h one ite for final item for we get to talk about magic againis for after midnight. your defense i think that was the one they brought over pre and. it now this another one. we have a show host that was here for many tina barryshe was
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just plain sexy. >>host: this was her fragranced. she was always looking for more magic i said what were you doing? bathing it?inside of it? [laughter] >>guest: this is i enjoyed this in the morning. >>host: i think this is lovely. it comes with the gift bag and tissues and cypriot inside.[reading] >>guest: and there is terry lewis from your >>host: and there is
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terry lewis from your first show.she was more of the pheromone grow. the >>guest: of the warmer you get the more fragrant this is >>host: you taught me something about putting the powder between your makes your hands a small delightful.--mel delightful. smellbutbad >>caller: this makes this magical women. >>host: id is a fragranced it often offer. --it not a
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fragranced we often offered. you may have seen that marilyn miglin on duty day. beauty we have the body lotion. this has a gorgeous fragranced. but was asking marilyn miglin what i would find other fragrances that i like but i do not like the accompanying products. >>guest: i know what it is like to make that compound. it cannot be too hot or too cool or you could destroy the fragrance. magic is different because it has ingredients from the earth bright eat. berry a
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woman of the earth you have the pumpkin, the orange fruits. big each one evokes a different magical experiences. --eachone. and they're art packers in sidon. >>host: you will not see this at 11:00 a.m.. item #219- marilyn miglin is back at 11:00 a.m. with margaret specials, your final opportunity of her holiday visit without checking with guy yovan for the second hour of hsn today. >>host: welcome back
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to hsn today and electronic gift connection. the kindle fire is on fire. >>host: 13 coral stuff this is the only time you will see this casio for the year.can get this gorgeous casio lighted electric keyboard at $169.95. for this show only we have free shipping and four flex payments. you can now play christmas songs with your kids it will teach you how. [reading] a great teaching method. everything is included. built-in speakers. you will love that. free shipping and four flex payments. the samsung has+ hugely popular atit has windows 8 with 4 gb ram 5 gb
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hard [reading] [reading] >>host: we have this in black and silver. stay tuned forat all that and more during second hour of hsn and today [♪ music ♪] >>host: it is on fire the lowest price kindle fire we have ever done it is the first today's special it is your last opportunity to grab it at hsn in taking advantage of getting a home for under $200, here is today's special [♪ music ♪] >>host: it is already over a third on and one of them is going to my house. if you would like to grab land as the perfect gift for yourself the kids, the family. itc13
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$50 off of the price and shipping and handling, 5 flex payments makes it easy. i cannot believe it is going. actually, i can believe it with over 10,000 on. what makes this so special? [reading] >>host: let my aaron berger get my aaron out here he looks like he is ready to go >>guest: i can roll this with one hand because of the hand e holder, this is
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how i will hold my head tablet this is how you should hold yours or any tablet you can even turn it from side to side. that is cool.this is what we love of about the kindle fire, it is the kindle fire it is the no. 1 7 in. tablet in the country for the lowest price.the kindle fire has extraordinarily popular and higher- priced. is the lowest price ever and is a brand name is the most popular tablet of its size in the country right now. it is the lowest price tablet we will do for the rest of year at hsn. if you are thinking you will wait for something less expensive. first of all how can we have less expensive in it is under $40 to take this and and 5 flex payments and the first time we have done for shipping and get
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the best selling tablet. the new web browser is loads very fast. it is a silk webis 40% faster than any other kindle. it is 1.2 getter her dual core processor. -- gigahertz core processor. you will be able to respond to your e- mail with duffle keyboard that will pop up. amazing photographs -- full- size keyboard. it is one of the fastest processors in the industry and certainly the best price. another thing and i will recommend from the3 i will take you into the wonderful world of the amazon appstore and have easy it is to make everything larger to watch a video to play and download
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applications. thing i would like to say from the beginning, over 10,000 are gone and we have a ton cases are gone. it is half sold out. this days we haveffered on a tablet. we were going crazy about the red last night, we also have blue blue just sold out! we have red and white the white is like and i repeller. we also have pink and black --ivory. ivory. what to talk about the google appstore for a minute. last night at the end of the
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presentation and it worked three or 400 people on hold.i like to give you opportunity since you are tuning in early to come on in and buy early before we have a hold situation. amazon appstore is pre loaded, lot amazon is one of the best at stores in the world. 22 million different things to download. [reading]
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>>guest: this is one of the best web surfing tablet you can have a feature that is read to when you are reading in this press a button and it will start reading to you. that is great for kids or the elderly if you are having trouble seeing. you have all those wonderful features. i have to ogle that word? all of this grain -- screen,this is the size of an iphone screen and this is the size of the most popular screen in the country was 7
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in.. this 30 percent harder than typical plastic. great setting for kids it has parental controls. i know if you could hear that big crash. >>host: it is the mad rush for of the kindle fire >>guest: hold them back at the is an incredibly durable6 c13 tablet >>host: is $39 net 9¢ to get home on 5 flex payments --$39.99. than one flex payment makes it affordable. my son loves to read he always has athemselves with
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heavy backpack these days. grabbed this what you can. it is the last opportunity to get this for the holiday tree. grandparents if you are watching the kids want and will make their life easy. they can do everything on their kindle fire. $50 off the regular3 paillette available on flex pay of less than $40. it with a $25 simply to impress13 throw into the pile as well. we are approaching 11,000 bond that is a well over a third quantity for the day -- 11,000 non. we only have 2 people on hold, that is really good because we last night trying to get through. now is the time to give us a call and we will get this to you and
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a week. >>guest: >>host: the most popular tablet and the country. the 12 download games books, not movies, television shows all at your fingertips. have down loaded national geographic magazine from the kindle store the amazon appstore. you can receive your e- and attachments and view attachment on this. right that i have my keyboard because i was replying to an e- mail. if send you an attachment you can open the attachment and opened the photograph. there is little lincoln! he is pretty
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can make the attachment larger or smaller test by using your fingers.i turn this on its side by using the hand e holder, if you have this tablet or a lighter tablet at home this is snaps on and off it is almost impossible to not get off it is a fantastic device. this is the carrousel, it is everything i have recently used we have a lot of different office programs from the amazon appstore you can download power point this is not just for having fun and is also full have a long 9 hour battery life and a
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dual core processor now you can get a lot more done on this buy a brand name (...) and certainly confident of the kindle name in most of the world it it is the most popular tablet in the country. you can always get a cheaper one but not with this quality at this price. you get this type of name with the amazon appstore in the dual core processor. i have downloaded netflix now can watch movies on netflix. anything that you can do on your computer so think e-mail videos games the things that you do every day. 3 downloaded maps last night. you will get voice directions from the map.the things you can do when a computer you can add you on a
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device that is light and less expensive and more ways dynamic. we have included the stylusas well that can be really nice if you want to chat something specific if or if you have any dexterityes the stylistus is easy to use as well p tonight i had 300 people on hold we had a 11,000 so that is a huge chunk of our quantity of the day at 8:00 a.m.. i am trying to get everybody the chance to buying decision early to not be on hold.3 i was secure my tablet early and then you can enjoy my presentation.3 have extended return policy until january 31st. there is no reason to get
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this home yourself, naked gumball a grandparent. --yourself the kids or a grandparent. this is the lowest price on it 8 kindle fire and free shipping for the first side. -- first time. this is the lowest price tablet for the year. we are selling in the highest quality tablet and the lowest price for the rest of the year. let us go over the features because that $199 [commercial]
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>>host: this is everything you are looking for at a size that is the most affordable tablet that we have. if you've been looking for something that will not take a lot of space and will not be too clunky in the
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handbag and even can fit this in a pocket. the sizes still adequate enough to watch your television shows and movies. take this way you go, i love the portability. if you are inck seat of cocotte you can read a book or watch youtube videos. i said to aaron berger is this for my son? he said this is the best because it is good for small hands and he could handle this. this is the perfect to pop into your bopurse. it is all built-in.never done that before. this is pretty blessed last opportunity for you to get the kindle fire under the christmas tree. we have not mentioned
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that it is already december, there like 22 days till christmas got 23 days so if you would like this get it now.% buying more one to knock them off of the list.take advantage of the flex pay. this one is to give everybody wants under the tree. this13 with the 25 other simply to impress voucher and other bells and whistles. you get all great stuff such as the earbud and usb cable. >>guest: this goes far be ofbeyond any other system. you have android operating system it will play flash video. if you are watching flash videos on youtube or hsn you will be able to play flash
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videos. that is not true at the device that the mall, to not play the flash video but those do this has a unlimited storage in the one at the mall has limits. you 8 gb of memory. everything that you download or borrow with amazon you can borrow 180,000 name brand books hot off the presses the harry potter series is there for example you can also borrow and rent movies. anything that you bubble the e you on the amazon cloud. on the one to a device will be full and say you have to delete things, this will never happen because you have
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unlimited free cloud storage. this is why amazon has become one of the top- selling c i have downloaded a gps application. [electronic voice] >>guest: what would you pay for a 7 in. gpx with voice navigation and text to speak this is the size ofcan download for free and application that will give you 80 p sgps you to. in all so download and application to receive your text messages for free. >>host: we have someone3 natalie who owned a
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candle but is upgrading to the kindle fire >>caller: hi >>host: happy holidays, you just upgraded >>caller: right >>host: >>caller: why: this is such an upgrade to the one it has all the accessories. it has flex pay, i cannot get that here. i am taking a trip to the u.k. to visit my sister in the military and i thought this would be the perfect tord to take >>host: it is ideal natalie --perfect toy to date. it is not like carrying a big laptop. if you are going to another country this would be ideal to stick with you. >>caller: write this has so to it, so much capability >>host: it is wide open to you.we
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appreciate you calling good luck on the trip and happy holidays >>caller: happy holidays to you all >>host: here at midnight when i was sound asleep he will be here all how busy we get in his presentation when there are three minutes left.c13 now see the call volume going like this. ill have plenty of people that can handle your call right now. now is the time to call in kit several home, you can get it home for under $40 but that. our lot of first- c13 be the first line. >>guest: if we only have three minutes left we better play some games. there is
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no way this will last all day i do not want to be disappointed. already 12,000 on and is 88 am. this is a 1.2 gigahertz processor. the browser is6 c13 amazon silk web browser it is 40% faster than the other web browsers on the previous versions of the candle. i imagine having your experience be 40% faster. speaking of surfing the web i can go to the home screen at any time.right now i am choosing to use the stylusead of my finger which i normally do not it
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is now loading the page i can do other things such your newsstand and shopping. let us go to the apps.the amazon appstore if it is the world's largest appstore. it has [reading] >>guest: you will get one for free everyday you just
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get that money back in your pocket.i do not know another appstore that does that. it is onec13 the best things about the amazon appstore. hsn we include two things, of fremont of amazon prime -- freed multiple you can download the movies, the latest books, t television shows. $25 gift certificate to simply to impress. let's give significant budget to go on line. i cannot believe this paring is
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paring is overpowered >>host: they are still beating the door down, you hear them? [laughter] >>guest: at the end of the 9:00 a.m. hour we will have made other presentation and. make your call now come back because there is so much i did not get too. also get the case >>host: what is the price of the case again? it wish that you could feel whip it >>host: it >>host: it in a case to be protected $29.95. red we have 300 is sold out i also have a pink, white black. continue to gobble the best value of the day we are crazy busy right gal -- continued to
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call for the best value of the day. kathy wolf will take over now she has great information with the spotlight and then she a lighted keyboard up next [♪ music ♪] >>host: you guy yovan and thank you for watching this but i.i am kathy wolf i want to tell you about a fantastic style expert, and juliet ransacyou could have new pieces and get advice. special holiday pricing. you can see the entire collection there. todd english returns with an amazing today's special with bakeware coming on is more with that. [commercial]
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[reading] bad [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you for watching c13 at hsn.i am kathy wolf. this is an item that i have loved. since my children were little they could play the piano. we have the magic white keyboard. as much as i would like to play the piano i cannot find the time to take lessons. i
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would have the ability to get out there and start playing in get your hands used to the movement and stretching your fingers. everything about it. this makes it simple and easy to do.this is the only one of the entire season. if you can follow lights you can play piano. handling and four flex payments. all aaron berger is doing is following the lights with his fingers >>guest: the you are a pianist like me i have been my whole life.the casio magic keyboard is for you because it will teach you how to play. is paint by numbers but it is playedlights for keyboards. what do i mean about that? you have full-size keyboard this is the perfect size to learn to playhundreds of
8:31 am
different sounds. the most exciting thing about this for learning to playunlike typical piano lessons that are difficult you have to bring your kids a and they are expensive and this is how they start. people give it up because it is borrowing >>host: there is a very delightful that taught my daughter in her 80s and did not have the same fervor for learning the piano. she had been playing along with it but she wanted her to learn proper structure. >>guest: it together and she will learn songs right away. what does that mean? up in this you will see some
8:32 am
lights. we will turn the lights down the studio so you can see it better. the first thing you will do is listen to the song. that was when the saints go marching in the first thing you do is listen to the song. the second thing you do is start to follow the light. it will wait for you at your tempo and this it is like paint by numbers for the keyboard. 6 c13 little as you get used to it. >>host: feel like i am on bourbon street and new orleans >>guest: eye attitude good as what i love this is the instant satisfaction. kids will want to continue to learn to play if they have the satisfaction. it will wait for you.
8:33 am
what >>host: if i hit the wrong button? >>guest: it will wait for you and show you the right button. that is one of the best part about it so thank you for asking me that. whip itthe for not knowing all 450 sound off the top of my head. you already know how to play doi to the world -- joy tothe world,choose a torch organ -- c hurch,you may not be able to this freestyle but you can do this the way kathy wolf is going
8:34 am
to do it are you ready to show everybody kathy wolf? you do it with one finger >>host: that is the same way that i types >>guest:are my hands in here are kathy's hands. introduction it is just one finger i think it has been practicing. >>host: even if i mess it epic it is ok >>guest: this takes in it at your pace it is very makes it easy, simple, and rewarding because you will hear music instead of salamisounds. i was a music director for a
8:35 am
retirement church for fiveand seniors love music.good job! bravo! seniors want to learn but they never had the time or money you did give this to someone who is shut in, winter is a great time to run. >>host: i learned how to play on champagne [laughter] a little bit of bubbly i also say in better that way. i am kidding? do not want to hear me sing. my children were 4 and 2 years old at the they are 17 and 14 now. this exact machine is less money i paid $199 and i had to purchase stand separately and ed did not come with a microphone. you can put it on the
8:36 am
table my kids before it on the floor.13 there are 110 songs including 20 practice songs. [reading] >>guest: you can do computer sampling and those sorts of things. i can go back into the domes to show you some sounds. we can go from basic.i here is string piano that is one of my
8:37 am
favorites, wait a minute i am about to get fancy. here is the honky tonk >>host: woo hoo! >>guest: one of my favorite things i was a musician, i actually still am a musician, when i was a kid i one and a drum set in my kids but it for me.problem with this drum said you cannot put headphones on them. but this keyboard as a headphones jacket. the entire house does not have to listen. headphones >>host: unpeople the better tone quality than others ifc13 were to bang on the
8:38 am
bnl it would sound like i am banging got my daughter is more artistic her my daughter will write her own music and play it over and over. it was beautiful the first 800 times. it is still pretty does ok we have heard that before. you can have that qualityhear how she can change that out. you can instill a love of the piano. i own a piano because i always wanted to learn how to play. when i am older and have multi maybe i can learn. i can sit down and play holiday music. if someone comes over that knows how to play piano they can sit down because these are full-size keys. there is no
8:39 am
learning curve if you learn on this and then transfer to a piano or organ. a piano only sounds like a piano we cannot do honky- tonks andc13 strings and the different songs that this will make. it brings piano back to the house we look forward to that especially during the holidays. we have a wedding march included. all you have to do is follow the lights, that is in it. >>guest: you have wanted to learn silent night that is everybody's favorite holidays thought i am playing with just one thing there. finger. >>host: started off with 2000 and 1100 of you have ordered.
8:40 am
few hundred for the country. we wish you a merry christmas is here, danny amazing grace, long twinkle little star, mutt doi to the all sorts of wonderful music including dingell bells. how beautiful to have these? -- jinglethat are different: stands ounce there are something for everybody there is classic 0. stop in to freestyle >>host: it follows shorthand -- your hand to even shows me what finger you saw that i was crossing i was not supposed to do that >>host: you are supposed to cross >>host: good! >>guest: this
8:41 am
naturally i across naturally like this that is something that you get to later. kathy wolf and i are talking about this keyboard also talks at the same time. it will say 1 5, 4 >>host: is really cool, i love i did not know it did that appear >>guest: i can transpose, at it this speak it now i will go to the sun bank i have never presented with this often before. we would do do it to the world that we did earlier [♪ music ♪] lint did you hear her say 5? that
8:42 am
means i use finger 5. now she what i use 1, and now i use 3. ipad >>host: it across at the right place. love that! she even tells you what finger to use with the boys died >>guest: i turned off becausedrives mei kno what finger to >>guest: turn her off because she drives me crazy i already know what fenders to use. -- fingers >>guest: parents got a piano, and they run into a good friend of there that could bar their piano. it took four of the biggest welders to get this
8:43 am
big piano in the house. it is a pain to get a piano in your house. euchred >>host: bring this to a party or a wedding. my client was a classical pianist she actually had a house built up around the n.l. the piano was placed and then the house was built the around it. that is not realistic for most of us. when i hear the piano it gives me goose bumps. if you have extreme talent in you are brilliant at playing this would be perfect for you because now you can get all the different tone qualities and the different sounds that you cannot get on a piano.4 flex payments for this show only. $42.49 for the next three minutes. we have about 600 left and
8:44 am
about 300 in the ordering process. carol from louisiana, was it the same as thatt my chin and neck that you today? >>caller: i saw that keyboard like upper and i am a grandmother -- light up >>host: what you get them playing? >>caller: this is a grandmother that multige teac have boughth extensively for a meal. i do not watch constantly but when i flipped channels just love love love love hsn! >>host: we love that you are learning a lights skill -- lifekill going. to learn where all
8:45 am
country's art and to learn piano when i retire. this feels good on your is a way to spend our time. what do we do to occupy our time? >>guest: you make a great point i will play a song and then i will tell you something. one thing about piano with your kids clarinet saxophone or guitar.piano is the basis of music theory. we think about structure every musician will benefit by a little understanding of the piano keyboard.if you do not understand me ask anybody who taken a music theory class in college is all about the keyboard. you have muscle when you place on your hands will understand it. my
8:46 am
fingers will remember. this is left and right hand you can learn at your own place in the comfort, convenience of your own law. this is one of my favorite things. we should have a show called favorite things >>host: this was my host pick. this brings music back into the home. i paid $50 for a lesson for my daughter. she had played by and the lighted 1 forever she was bored but at the same time she was able to learn the proper instruction. i would still recommend lessons as well. sometimes hard to get to the lesson it
8:47 am
because you have a soccer game or your other kid has a soccer game. we have maybe 200 or 300 left. keep calling on yours. aaron berger is sticking around with the samsung computer. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: is is a looking computer my friend. i am >>guest: so excited to offerc13 computer! this is >>host: samsung windows 8 it is a jack up computer. dual core speed with a 500 gb hard and 4 gb ram.c13 is loaded with a high-definition webcam. you have your cd ed dvd burner. this is your last to read this up for the year. to grab -- this for a gift.$70 off the price and free shipping and
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handling to take bids of. 5 flex payments of $105.90. [reading] v i >>host: p financing if you have6 c13 card or hsn mastercard you can break up the payments down affordable that is $60 per monthr a samsung >>guest: first of all this has windows 8. second thing this is a samsung.6 c13 we lovesamsung?
8:50 am
think of the best of categories televisions i need to show you this screen is one of my favorite things about this. when you see a samsung televisions and you know it is one of the best things in the world the same thing with a same thing with their galaxy tablet they are fantastic. computers are exactly the same. problem, we have the lowest price samsung computer and the last one of the year. we have had to samsung in 12 months and this is the first one with windowso love them -- . is one of
8:51 am
the rants you can get your hands will receive eight lifetime of free support -- a lifetimeof support [reading] the support is based in the united states for the life of the product. for as long as yous computer if anybody has a question they
8:52 am
will get an. i will be frankvwith you windows 8 is fabulous an exciting but it is different and a brand-new so you will have questions. you would pay a couple hundred dollars per year just for support. you get the dual core processor and the am prouddlizard that i will get to in a minute. you are getting a new samsung co you get a computer, you can find it other places but that at this value.
8:53 am
to we are including exclusively at $561 worth of software$561 worth of additional software. do the math the cropped $530 in the air giving you $561 worth of full version softwares. these will not expire. [reading]
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>>guest: this is the best value we have had on a samsung computer and will have. we have more features to show you as well. you have the most and popular screen size in the world with the 15.6 fromorld leader in screens. when the thing about television to think about samsung. go over the features some and then i will demonstrate some of the wonderful features of windows 8. i am so excited for you to get windows 8 home and
8:55 am
to get a lifetime of support. amdmeans that chips are combined to that makes everything 70 percent faster. it is a much visual experience. [reading] >>guest: windows 8 has been out for a month and you will have it. you also getfetime of united states based telephones aboard. you do not have to pay any service or fees to have questions would just call 2 samsung and is 8800 number you will speak to someone in the united stance you allow
8:56 am
>>host: have to call uncle joe you will have this in less than a week if you are looking for a great computer for the holidays that the family can share it has a 15.6 size. my first computer was a had to be about 15 years ago and i have it my son is using it. i just had it cleared out for my son and he uses it was cool and he uses it is not it is as beautiful as the day that i bought it. they are known for the big screen televisions bid is something they specialize in. taking advantage of the free shipping and handling andflex payments. if you have your hsn card or hsn mastercard we will break up the payments to $58.88 for payment. you can only do that at hsn. we have a lot of people on the line
8:57 am
we are very busy like we always are when we have electronics. tell us what is special about windows 8 >>guest: one of the best things that i can offer you is offer you one of the best computers of the year at lowest price i also get to teach you about computers i love that part of the presentation. you can call and order and then call and relax and learn about 8 and is a fabulous experience. you will see buy computers those are not computers those are golfing there's -- those are my fingers. windows 8 brings the redat ease of a tablet a smartphone to the computer experience can you see all of
8:58 am
these they are designed the same way but a tablet great smartphone. you can download applications and games for your computer. a lot of it is done on the touch pad. i will open up my photographs, you can see my finger i am swiping on the right side of my screen and it brought up 5 different charms they say search, a share buff foil you would have to upload a photograph that would take you 12 clicks and maybe a little dance, now with one click of my finger at it attached the photograph for me. this is how easy windows 8 is with the latest operating system. i am done with this one swipe
8:59 am
and touch. you can do things so much quickly in a manner that is entertaining and more colorful. if you are used to windows 7 and you want to go back to your it is the kind of a desktop and does that look familiar? that is windows 7 dust tot. i say this is the business side on windows 7 and the fun side is windows can always toggle back and forth. if you will feel if you are out of your comfort zone you can toggle back to windows 7.i have pulled this video up because this is a dual core processor amd high- definition video that you watch even in (...) high- definition dvd will be elevate


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